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The "Office Management and Administrative Assistant" Program

Head of the Program Lecturer Rasit YILMAZ
Department Secretary  
Address Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Higher school of Vocational Education, Campus Chingiz Aitmatov in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan
Phone +996 (312) 49 12 39/43/58/65
Fax +996 312 491269
Int.Phone 115
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Diploma : vocational education, international diploma
The language of education : Kyrgyz, Turkish 
Duration of training : 2 years
Form  of  training : day
Technical basis : classrooms, labs office management, computer lab


Our goal is to prepare qualified and efficient managers of offices and assistants to managers with the knowledge and skills that will fully meet the needs of a rapidly changing and evolving business world. In the future they are to  make a significant contribution to the work of  manager and be capable to apply  modern principles and technology of  office administration.

Our main goal is to prepare highly qualified office managers and assistant managers with efficient communicative skills, creative and critical thinking skills, necessary professional knowledge, who can easily master the emerging technologies used in the office management.

The main objectives:

Higher School of Vocational Education of Kyrgyz-Turkish University “Manas” trains students with qualitative professional knowledge on the basis of the curriculum of  the  4-semiannual education of “Office management”.

Preparation of office employees who can work in different areas of business.
Creating good conditions for research, planning, development of business and society in whole, connected with the branches of office - management.
Publishing and printing of information materials on office management and assisting the manager.

Development Process:

Today's business world is constantly changing and developing, which led to the development of new theories of management, aimed at experience. As a result, secretarial work turned into a systemic structure within the organization, which performs the related duties. As a result of the development of concepts such as commitment, responsibility, secretarial work turned into the concept of an assistant manager. Profession includes different stages, starting with the daily duties of secretary and ending with the duties of an office manager and assistant manager, who can provide support in the performance of duties of the head. These features of the profession of an assistant manager generate the interest of successful leaders.

The program "Office Management" started its activities in the 2005-2006 academic year, the first students graduated in the 2009-2010 academic year.


During the 4 semesters are taught subjects such as History of the Fatherland, Philosophy and Foreign Languages, which contribute to the development of culture among students. Among foreign languages English and Russian are compulsory subjects. Students also can take German, French and Chinese languages as electives. To enhance the natural sciences, students are taught the following subjects: mathematics, information management and technology. To improve the professional skills of the student, the curriculum included subjects such as process control in the office, office technology, organization of meetings conferences, business administration, mass communication and mass media, the basic procedures of accounting, the relationship between sectors: the private and state  and  etc.

Development of ethical standards for our students promotes learning courses "Communication" and "Business Ethics". Knowledge of the basics of management contributes to the deep development of professional abilities of students, their awareness of the role and importance of offices in a business environment.

In order to optimally and effectively assess and manage their working time office workers should be able to use information systems and technologies at the highest level. To this end, we train our students to e-mail program and MS Outlook, the use of which give special advantages, in particular, the opportunity to correspond and share experiences and opinions, make appointments, schedule jobs and simply conduct business diaries using a computer.

We teach our students how to make logos, brochures, advertisements, letterheads, posters, business cards, invitations and similar cards using the Adobe Photoshop and Corel DRAW. In order to be successful in any area our students are also taught the Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Corel DRAW X4, Acd See 2009, Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, Microsoft Visio 2007, Microsoft Publisher 207, Mind Manager 8, Microsoft Project Manager 2007, etc. Using a system of Open Source Joomla our students are studying engineering (design) of individual web systems. Using the program Adobe Photoshop, practical examples of photoshop, studying  the links of photoshop program with other programs that use multiple programs, promote the acquisition of practical skills in students.

Practical lessons for students of the program "Office – Management” mostly conducted in a model-offices and computer labs. In order to better students have mastered the learning process in the classroom using modern audio-visual equipment, as well as the use of interactive teaching methods.

Pursuing all of the above objectives, approved training program includes the acquisition of relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills. And all the students who received education in our program can easily apply their knowledge of business management, the use of new technologies, organization of work in modern laboratories in actual practice, which in turn allows to increase their  business potential.

Our advantages include the fact that our students have opportunity to pass a probation in various business associations and clubs of our university, thereby gain experience in the field of management. We aim at high quality and targeted training students to work in various fields of business, business life and modern life.

Possibility of transferring to other areas (majors):

Graduates, who successfully complete training under this program, have the opportunity to continue their study in the following areas:

  • PR,
  • Public relations and advertising,
  • Management,
  • Management of Organizations,
  • Information systems in management, management of health establishments
    and others.
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