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The "Construction" Program

Head of the Program Phd Kadanbai Baktygulov
Manager Asst.  
Department Secretary  
Address Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Higher school of Vocational Education, Campus Chingiz Aitmatov in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan
Phone +996 (312) 49 12 39/43/58/65
Fax +996 312 491269
Int.Phone 118
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Diploma : Technical secondary education, international diploma
The language of education : Kyrgyz, Turkish
Duration : 2 years 
Form of education : full-time 
Material and technical basis : classrooms, graphic, construction and computer laboratories

Description of Busıness and Branch, Knowledge and Skill Analysis::


A technician possessing wider theoretic knowledge than a technologist and bigger experience than an engineer can work as a facilitator between an engineer and a technologist,. In some small and middle projects they can be managers or administrators.

By the end of their theoretic and practical trainings the graduates will able to

  • take measurements of the given area
  • manage a construction work and estimate it
  • test construction materials, and quality and standard control
  • do reconstruction and renovation works
  • work as a coordinator in building cooperatives
  • make a design on a computer

Knowledge and skill level of a technician:

The diagram given above shows technicians’ extent of knowledge and skills, and defines specific roles for them.

Source: (“Aspects of Curriculum For Technician Education” Staff College For Technician Education Plan Colombo, Q:3)

Construction engineer

Construction engineers make a professional group of local government and social service companies, that actively participate in building and supervising construction of dams, roads, airports, apartments etc. They also work as technical staff in laboratories testing building structures and materials, and natural resources. Their role as supervisors is important in all stages: planning, designing and building of bridges, dams, airports, trade centers, distribution systems of water supply and all apartment buildings.

In this case with the help of necessary drawings and the project package the construction engineer can prepare architectural and statistic projects, make a detailed report, and estimate the test results of building materials, equipments and machines used in construction. He also can define topographic structure of the building area.

The level of theoretic and practical knowledge of the graduates is good enough for planning a construction and carrying out other work connected with engineering technology in compliance with the project. Construction engineer is familiar with law and bureaucratic procedures, has appropriate knowledge and skills, so he can start his own construction operations with assurance of the design, construction, insurance, taxes and public health organizations.

Accuracy and exactitude in work, ability to work and make decisions independently are considered to be the main characteristics of the construction engineer. At the same time along with the professional experts they have to be able to establish relations with people outside their work.

Such things as population upsurge, technology improvement, increase of transport and water supply bandwidth nets, reconstruction and renovation of existing roads, bridges and other structures, designing and construction reveal demand for qualified construction engineers.

The aim of the program:

The program aims at training skilled construction engineers being able to work with architectures and engineers in construction sector, and to secure adherence to manufacturing techniques by the workers. Students also have practical and theoretic trainings.

Work opportunity:

By the end of theoretic and practical trainings the graduates will be able to do the following work in public and private sectors:

  • can work as qualified assistants for architects and engineers in design and management of a construction
  • can take measurement of a certain area
  • can make management plan and estimate the construction
  • can make a test on building materials’ quality and standard control
  • can reconstruct and renovate a structure
  • can work as coordinators or managers of building cooperatives
  • can design constructions on a computer
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