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"Child Care" Program

Head of the Program Lecturer Gulzaada ABDRALIEVA
Department Secretary  
Address Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Higher school of Vocational Education, Campus Chingiz Aitmatov in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan
Phone +996 (312) 49 12 39/43/58/65
Fax +996 312 491269
Int.Phone 115
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Diploma : Specialized secondary education
Eğitim süresi : 2 years (Internship period included)
Eğitim Dili : Kyrgyz, Turkish
Eğitim şekli : Full time
Fiziki İmkânlar : Classrooms, Model Office Lab, Computer Lab.


Program Purpose:

The most important purpose of the Child Development Program is to provide an education, aimed at acquiring of life skills, using modern teaching methods according to the lifelong learning principles and within the requirements of the information era and business environment.  It is desired that our students will be able to utilize the resources they have, to contribute to the development of their country and field of activity, constantly developing himself/herself, having unique ideas and being solution oriented. The Child Development Program aims to educate individuals who will be able to work in children's playrooms, children's clinics, preschool institutions and private educational institutions, teaching music, painting, drama, gymnastics, providing computer education for children. It is also aimed at giving first aid knowledge and skills on how to use materials such as dolls, cards, etc. in work with children. Thus, the Child Development Program prepares specialists, knowing local traditions and having necessary technical knowledge and skills. 


The program includes theoretical and practical courses on the development and education of children. Practical courses provide knowledge on teaching of children with normal development and special needs individually and in groups. All these courses are carried out together with the observations and practices at the same time. The goal of this program is at the end of the two-year vocational education period to have specialists, able to work in preschool educational and medical institutions, capable to develop children, teaching them music, art, drama and gymnastics.

Also the goal of the program is to educate children focused on the development of their talents, behavior, and thinking. In order to develop creative thinking of children and to enable children to learn by doing - living, a great emphasis is given to motivation. Another goal of this program is to help children cope with the problems of everyday life, to give them the opportunity to make their own decisions.
Once a week, our students apply their theoretical knowledge gained in the classes. In practice, they not only get the necessary skills, but also get acquainted with working life.

Development Process:

In this program, in order to educate the students, the curriculum includes special programs for the physical, moral, cognitive and mental development of children. The curriculum also includes lessons on the psychology, special education, drama, music, art, communication, education and technology, children's health and illness, family education, the manufacture of children's toys, game and play materials, children's rights and literature . In addition, program courses are supported by computer, management organization, development and learning, learning and teaching methods, foreign language, basic design and general psychology.

During this 4-semester period, the students are also being taught such subjects as Ata-Meken History, Philosophy and foreign language courses. The foreign language education is mandatory and is given as English or Russian. German, Chinese, French are also available on request. With the help of Math and technology lectures, our student’s science knowledge is also being increased.

The Child Development Program, opened in the 2012-2013, had its first graduates in 2014-2015.

Fields of Activity:

* Preschool education centers
* Day care homes
* Kindergartens
* Nurseries
* Child health centers
* Special education and rehabilitation centers
* Children playrooms
* Children publishing areas
* Children's play areas of tourism and sports centers
* Foundations and organizations working in the relevant field
* Game centers and Game groups

Vertical transition:

Graduates successfully completed this program will have the right of vertical transition to the following departments:

Department of Child Development and education,                                 
Kindergarten teaching
Preschool education

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