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"Tourism and Hotel Management" Program

Head of the Program Lecturer Muharrem KAYA
Department Secretary  
Address Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Higher School of Vocational Education, Campus Chingiz Aitmatov in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan
Phone +996 (312) 49 12 39/43/58/65
Fax +996 312 491269
Int.Phone 115
Eposta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Diploma : Specialized secondary education
Eğitim süresi : 2 years (Internship period included)
Eğitim Dili : Kyrgyz, Turkish
Eğitim şekli : Full-time
Fiziki İmkânlar : Classrooms, Tourism application areas (kitchen, service, Front Office) Computer Laboratory.


Program Purpose:

Kyrgyzstan has an important tourism potential with its natural beauty, historical values, rich culture and hospitable people. However, one of the most important obstacles in utilizing the country's tourism potential is the lack of sufficient work force, able to work  in the tourism sector. This way, the Tourism and hotel management Program has its goal to prepare specialists able to work in any part of the world and build successful career in tourism. Also, the aim of the Tourism and hotel management program is to train the middle level labor force, able to work in transportation, travel, accommodation, food and beverage companies.


  • Taking into consideration that languages of instruction are Turkish and Kyrgyz during the period of study the great importance is also paid to learning of foreign languages.  
  • Theoretical courses that will provide students with managerial skills are given in line with the expectations of the sector.
  • The great importance is given to practical courses.
  • Big attention is paid to outside classroom activities of our students. Excursions to the tourism industry companies are being arranged for the students. It allows them to familiarize with their future profession. 
  • Students are encouraged to pass three semesters of internship in order to get sufficient work experience. To ensure the expected quality of the internships cooperation agreements with leading tourism companies have been made.

Development Process:

Tourism and Hotel Management Program started its first academic year in 2011-2012. In addition to theoretical courses, the program focuses on practical activities too.  For these purposes, there are fully equipped food and beverage service, kitchen, front office, housekeeping workshops, used for practical activities within the University.  Success of the Tourism and Hotel Management Program is confirmed by employment level of our graduates and positive feedback we receive from employers.

Fields of Activity:

Graduate students of the Tourism and Hotel Management Program get «Manager in Tourism» qualification. They can work in in front offices of hotels, motels, dealing with customer’s check-in and check outs, etc. Also their job includes such responsibilities as cleaning of rooms and other areas of a hotel, presentation of cuisines, purchase of materials necessary for a company in accordance with quality and price, organization of domestic and international tours, etc.  Managers in tourism can work in hotels, motels, travel companies and also in various departments of the Ministry of Tourism. Those who have capital can set up their own businesses. These professionals can easily find job in the countries with developed tourism sector.

Vertical transition:

Graduates successfully completed this program will have the right of vertical transition to the following departments: 

  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
  • Travel Management and Tourism Guidance
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations,
  • Public Relations and Advertising
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