Program “Office Management and Administrative Assistant”

 “Office Management and Administrative Assistant” program graduates will possess necessary working skills such as, sociability, responsibility, ability to take important managing decisions and achieve set goals. Graduates will be able to work in private and public sectors as an office manager, assistant or director’s assistant. The program provides wide opportunities for further professional activity and promotion. 


Program “Construction”

Upon completion of a theoretical and practical training our graduates will be able to work in the following fields:

  • to assist engineers and architects in designing and supervising the projects using technical knowledge and skills;
  • to implement measuring works at sites;
  • to manage construction and cost calculation of the construction works;
  • to conduct a test of the construction materials, apply knowledge in quality controlling and standards application;
  • to engage in repairing works and reconstruction;
  • to work as a supervisor, coordinator and hold other positions in construction organizations;
  • to perform projects using computer technologies. 


Program “Automotive”

Upon completion of a theoretical and practical training a graduate will be able:

  • to demonstrate good skills in engineering, designing using  diagrams and  drawings and conduct relevant analyses;
  • to use a computer and computer programs in the field;
  • to fix facilities in all stages of manufacturing, use a device in quality controlling;
  • to use measuring  and checking tools;
  • to use basic tools, diagnose, conduct  disassembling, fixing and assembling works;
  • to receive and perform orders, have good relationships with customers;


Program “Accounting”

A training on the program “Accounting” provides opportunities to students to obtain broad  knowledge on collection and analyses of  information  on assets, liabilities, stocks, cash flow, income, expense, enterprise financial activity outcomes, required to any enterprise.

Upon completion of a theoretical and practical training a graduate will obtain the following skills:

  • record and  flow of assets , liabilities and capital
  • evaluation of outcomes of enterprise’s  financial and economic activity
  • development of efficient system of accounting and reporting based on effective accounting policy.

Every graduate will be able to work at different businesses and implement acquired skills in any field of national economy. They can work at prosperous agencies. Graduates majoring in  Accounting are of great demand in labor market and have good perspectives for further professional development. Employment opportunities are various: they can work as an accountant, cashier, specialist of economic planning divisions, specialist in auditing.

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