“Furniture and Decoration” Program

Coordinator of the Program Lecturer Mustafa ÖCAL
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Address Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Higher School of Vocational Education, Campus Chingiz Aitmatov in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan
Telephone 00 996 312 491239/43/53/58/65/68
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: Specialized secondary education, International diploma

Study Period

: 2 years

Language of instruction

: Kyrgyz, Turkish

Form of study

: Full time

Technical base

: rooms, technical drawing workshop, construction workshop, computer-aided design laboratory.



Teaching of the design and manufacturing of furniture in accordance with the functional, economic and aesthetic features of wooden furniture using wooden material. Instilling the ability to recognize and apply new systems required in the field of furniture decoration.

The main goal of the program is to learn how:

  •  to draw and to read projects in the field of furniture and decor;
  •  to use computer-aided design programs and to recognize computer-aided production technologies;
  •  determination of raw materials, semi-finished products, technological materials and accessories used in the furniture industry;
  • to take care of main machines, knife sharperners, and how to deal with common problems that can occur during the work;
  • to determine materials, used in the production of furniture;
  • to observe Occupational health and safety measures.

Gelişme Süreci:

Mobilya, dünyada belli başlı ekonomik sektörlerden biridir. Dünya genelinde daha önce dünya mobilya üretiminde Avrupa üretimin merkezi iken, son yıllarda mobilya üretim ağırlığının doğuya kaydığı görülmektedir.

Fields of activity:

After successful completion of the program the graduates will be awarded the «Furniture and Woodworking Technologist» qualification.

Graduates of this program will be able to work in production, marketing and sales in such sectors as wood, parquet, packaging, plywood, fibreboard, chipboard and furniture. Also they will be able to set up their own business in the same industries.

Vertical transition:

Graduates, successfully completed this program will have the right of vertical transition to the departments of industrial design, internal architecture and environmental design, technological design, woodworking industrial production, forestry engineering.

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