Our mission


In order to contribute to employment, socio-economic and technological development, especially in the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia, in the light of universal values to train and develop qualified competent manpower, able to use technological knowledge and skills, creative, having high self-confidence, cultural accumulation and communication skills, and able to act in accordance with professional ethics.

Our vision

  Offering programs at national and international level to be a vocational school educating individuals who are innovative, creative, open-minded, open to develop, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with their stakeholders and who believe in lifelong learning.

Our Aims

The main objectives of our vocational school are:

  • To open education and training programs in accordance with the demands and needs of the society, business world and the universal understanding of science.
  • Renewing education and training programs in a dynamic process,
  • To arrange short-term programs for personal and professional development within the framework of lifelong learning and / or to participate in those programs.
  • To strengthen the physical infrastructure within the framework of a technologically based learning approach.

Our goals


Our vocational school aims to be an exemplary educational institution that constantly follows technology at national and international level in the field of vocational and technical education.

In this context:

  • To support units for the development of physical infrastructure and technological infrastructure
  • To cooperate more closely with businesses in the sector
  • To ensure cooperation with other vocational schools
  • To maintain relations with our alumni and to follow them closely
    To conduct researches related to opening new programs that are needed in Kyrgyzstan

Carrying out projects and / or participating in the projects in the field of professional and technical education needed by the society and the business world and one of our goals is to prepare in-demand human resources in everywhere, and especially in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.



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